EPOP: Low-latency Trading Platform

Ultra Low Latency with FPGA-Assisted TradingServer-Based with Front-EndFully Certified Order Management System
Order Management System
ePOP is a fully certified, server-based system with a Windows front-end. It can be used for algorithmic trading as well as point-and-click execution. It includes the ability for FCM's to directly manage risk.
FPGA = World Class Speed
Ultra low latency is enabled by FPGA. Move your strategies from software to hardware. Process the signal and send an order in the amount of time it takes for light to travel the length of the Eiffel Tower.
Bespoke Trading Software
Bring your ideas to market as fast as possible. Plug your model into ePOP, or work with our team to implement your strategies. We work with individual traders, as well as with trading firms that have their own developers.
Futures, Options, Cryptocurrencies
All versions of ePOP have Electronic Eye, Auto-Hedge, Auto-Quote, Contingent Orders, Probabilistic Methods, and SMS Alerts.
Futures Platform
Auto-Spreading / Auto-Quoting
Quote one contract based on the price of another contract.
Customized Algos and Models
Be a market taker based on your preset conditions.
Electronic Eye
Implement your own sophisticated market strategies. Depending on latency requirements, this can be done either in software or FPGA.
Migrate to FPGA
Put your current trading strategies and algos onto FPGA, and achieve speeds that are an order of magnitude faster.
Options Platform
Analytics and Risk
Examine all aspects of your risk instantly. See risk projected over a range of moves in the futures, volatilty, and time. Forecast scenarios and analyze P/L outcomes before they happen.
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Generate profits by making markets in outrights and spreads. You can hide your quotes or set an inside edge in order to trade when certain conditions are met. Options trades can be hedged automatically with futures.
Auto-Fit Skew / Volatility Surface
Instantly calculate precise theoretical values. ePOP uses all available information from all strikes and all spreads to create an accurate volatility surface.
Vital Market Statistics
How many straddles and combos have traded today? Were there more volatility buyers or sellers? What position do market makers have? Which strikes have had the biggest change in volatility today?
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Greeks and Derivatives
Traditional greeks are no longer enough. Use modern derivatives to gain deep insight into volatility and skew risk. Find opportunity by using powerful infographics. Which strikes have the cheapest gamma?
Historical Data
See your past trades paired with volatility for deep retrospection.
Firm Risk
Set upper limits for a variety of position risk factors for each trading group and individual traders. Easily monitor group and traders' risk as an admin.
Cryptocurrency Platform
Trade 15+ Exchanges from One Screen
No more tabs. No more uncertainty. No more ripoffs. Before you make a trade, be sure to know what price the rest of the world is paying.
Direct Market Access
ePOP uses the fastest possible connection to each exchange. It also has technology that accelerates the delivery of trade messages to exchanges across continents.
Global Consolidated Order Book
See all order books from around the world in one book. Instantly know where the highest bid or lowest ask is. Ideal for hedgers or fund managers looking for the best price.
Prices Adjusted by FX Rates and Exchange Fees
See the true cost of the trade. Institutional traders can set their own fee rates.
Account Balances for Crypto and Fiat
Continually monitor your assets and their value.
Automated Orders
Make markets with the Auto-Spreader / Auto-Quoter. Be a market taker using the Electronic Eye. ePOP also has contingent orders and complex spread capability.
Virtual IT Department
For smaller groups, we can serve as a virtual IT department and support a wide range of operational and modeling needs.
Server Maintenance
We manage your server and software so connectivity is never an issue.
Proprietary Modeling
Work with us in confidence to implement your proprietary models into our execution platform. We have years of experience developing and implementing trading models for execution and risk management.
24-Hour Support
In today's continuous trading environment, it's important to have support whenever there may be a problem. Whenever the markets are trading, we are available to help.
Superior Speed
The ePOP platform is written entirely in C, so you gain an edge on competitors with systems running Java or C++. Our low-latency system gives you the confidence to quote when markets are volatile.

For Manual or Automated Trading

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