Trade On The Cutting-Edge

Proprietary Market Microstructure Autohedger

Our included work-with-a-tick functionality will improve your P/L by getting you better fills.

Contingent Orders

Use trade triggers to execute the next trade before everybody else.

Volatility Skew Autofitter

Instantly fit the markets and get back to trading. Our autofitter goes beyond looking at the bid and the ask of the outrights.

Trade Bold

Next-Generation Options Pricing

You can't compete in a modern environment with an out-of-date static model! If you read about your current model in an academic paper, it is out of date.

You won't get burned by unforeseen risk with ePOP's pricing engine. Our innovative pricing model lets you adjust model dynamics for changing market behavior.

Superior Speed

The ePOP platform is written entirely in C, so you gain an edge on competitors with systems running Java or C++. Our low-latency system gives you the confidence to quote when markets are volatile and collect the profits others are afraid to collect.

Autoquoting and Market-Making

Price complex spreads and quote them based on their risk characteristics with our optimized RFQ interface.

  • Maximize profitable trading time with the included volatiltiy skew auto-fitter.
  • Easily send your own RFQ when you're interested in a specific trade.
  • Quote in any options market using customizable strategies.
  • Respond instantly to RFQs on the main screen with all the information you need to make a decision right in front of you.
  • You don't have to waste time managing windows with our super simple user-interface.
Trading Floor Integration

Our electronic trading platform interacts seamlessly with traders on the floor using tablets for market making. Instantly update their values to match yours so they don't get picked off by other groups.

Trade Smart

Protect P/L and Prevent Losses

Avoid bad trades and pickoffs with a wide range of automated and tuneable methods. Our many proprietary circuit breakers to stay away from high voltage situations.

Automatically widen or pull quotes when the market destabilizes. This extremely powerful functionality anticipates market changes and helps you avoid making losing trades.

Scenario Forecaster

Store a set of custom event-based model changes within the scenario manager so you can analyze P/L outcomes before they happen. Recall saved skews for immediate implementation once the events happen.

Risk Analysis

Examine all aspects of your risk instantly with powerful quantitative depth. No need to wait for risk reports to run in a fast market.

  • Model moves large and small with ePOP's superior deltas
  • ePOP tells you when your settings are wrong
  • Gain total position P/L transparency with leading analysis tools.
  • Apply position shocks for quick risk analysis.
Greeks and Derivatives

Traditional greeks are no longer enough. Use modern derivatives to gain deep insight into vol and skew risk.

Use built-in model features for delta and gamma accuracy above the standard other models.

Historical Data

Easily view historical skews and trades paired together for deep retrospection.

Firm Risk

Set upper limits for a variety of position risk factors for each trading group and individual traders. Easily monitor group and traders' risk as an admin.

Support and Expertise

Virtual IT Department

For smaller groups, we can serve as a virtual IT department and support a wide range of operational and modelling needs.

Server Maintenance

We manage your server and software so connectivity is never an issue.

Proprietary Modeling

Work with us in confidence to implement your proprietary models into our execution platform. We have years of experience developing and implementing trading models for execution and risk management.

24-Hour Support

In today's continuous trading environment, it's important to have support whenever there may be a problem. Whenever the markets are trading, we are available to help.

Simplified I/O

No windows, dropdowns, or numbers buried four clicks deep. Everything is right in front of you on a "white paper" background, based on years of research and designed to maximize information intake.